Group of veterans focusing on Game, VR and Content business via software as well as hardware.

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Sincerest gratitude for visiting YJM Games website.

Company History

Footprints of YJM Games.


Full-fledged manpower with expertise and flexibility.

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Transparent and clean
management with our best.


YJM Games is a family of talents with a different specialty;
professionals developing smartphone and IT core parts
and veterans who have been working in game industry globally
for more than 15 years. Regardless of different background, we all share the same vision.

YJM Games continues to pursue new challenges for its future growth
as a leading company in game and VR industry as well as smartphone and IT industry.

In addition, YJM Games devotes its attention and support to employees
so that they can grow into experts.

YJM Games will continue until it creates a huge impact on the history.

We look forward to your continuous encouragement and support.
Thank you.

2017.01 Established YJM USA
2017.01 Global Launch <Kart Chaser VR> on Steam
2016.11 Global Launch <Heroes of Tomorrow>
2016.09 Established Seoul VR Startups, Inc.
2016.07 Global Launch <Once Heroes>
2016.06 Domestic Launch <Heroes of Tomorrow>
2016.04 Incorporated YJM Entertainment Inc.
as a related company.
2016.03 Changed company name to YJM Games Co.,Ltd.
2014.12 Listed on KOSDAQ market
(Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations).
2004.05 Established.